Test Automation

Automation and Scripting Support by Universal Debug Engine

The Universal Debug Engine (UDE) is a powerful development platform to develop, test and maintain microcontroller software applications. Besides its interactive debugging capabilities UDE provides an open and flexible interface for scripting as well as for debug and test automation.

Object Model

UDE’s object model is the base technology of the provided interface.

  • Allows access to debugger kernel functions and components.
  • Based on Microsoft® COM (Component Object Model).
  • Hierarchical object structure for debugger components and functions.
  • Covers functions from basic debugging to complex trace and analysis use cases.

To get an easy access to its powerful functionality UDE’s object model is described in detail by the UDE help system. In addition to the programmer’s reference, examples guide you during the first steps.


UDE supports internal scripts – macros for routine tasks during interactive debug sessions – and external scripts for debugger automation. The creation of scripts and macros is not bound to a proprietary language. Rather, any language can be used which provides support for Microsoft® COM. This includes for example (without any claim to completeness):

  • VisualBasic
  • Perl
  • Python
  • JavaScript

Integrate UDE into Your Test Environment

The open and flexible automation interface can be utilized by 3rd party tools. A number of test tool vendors are using UDE’s object model functions since years to get direct access to the target embedded system. If you develop your own test and analysis tools, the language independent COM interfaces allow an easy and standardized way to communicate with UDE and getting access to its powerful debug and test features.


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