Cortex-M3 LPC1000 STM32 TMS470 TLE9860 Microcontrollers

UDE Debug, Trace and Test solutions for Cortex-M3 LPC1000 STM32 TMS470 TLE9860

The Arm® Cortex®-M3 processor is an Arm® 32-bit RISC processor based on the Armv7-M architecture. It has been developed to provide a high-perfomance, low-cost platform for automotive body systems, industrial control system and wireless networking.

Cortex-M3 Microcontrollers supported by UDE

  • A2F060M3E A2F200M3F A2F500M3G
  • EFM32G2x0F EFM32G8x0F EFM32TG110F EFM32TG200F EFM32TG230F EFM32TG840F
  • LM3S17 LM3S18 LM3S19 LM3S1J LM3S1N LM3S1P LM3S1R LM3S1W LM3S1Z
  • LM3S1 LM3S3 LM3S6 LM3S8 LM3S11 LM3S13 LM3S14 LM3S15 LM3S16
  • LM3S21 LM3S22 LM3S24 LM3S25 LM3S26 LM3S27 LM3S29 LM3S2B LM3S36
  • LM3S37 LM3S38 LM3S3J LM3S3N LM3S3W LM3S3Z LM3S56 LM3S57 LM3S59
  • LM3S5B LM3S5K LM3S5P LM3S5R LM3S5T LM3S5Y LM3S61 LM3S64 LM3S65
  • LM3S66 LM3S67 LM3S69 LM3S85 LM3S86 LM3S87 LM3S89 LM3S97 LM3S99 LM3S9B LM3S9L
  • LPC1311 LPC1313 LPC1342 LPC1343 LPC1345 LPC1346 LPC1347 LPC1751 LPC1752
  • LPC1754 LPC1756 LPC1758 LPC1759 LPC1763 LPC1764 LPC1765 LPC1766 LPC1767
  • LPC1768 LPC1769 LPC1772 LPC1774 LPC1776 LPC1777 LPC1778 LPC1785 LPC1786
  • LPC1787 LPC1788 LPC1812 LPC1813 LPC1815 LPC1817 LPC1822 LPC1823 LPC1825
  • LPC1827 LPC1833 LPC1837 LPC1850 LPC1853 LPC1857 LPC1800DUAL
  • STM32 STM32F100 STM32F102 STM32F103 STM32F105 STM32F107 STM32F205 STM32F207 STM32F215
  • TX03 TMPM320 TMPM330 TMPM332 TMPM36 TMPM370 TMPM372 TMPM373 TMPM374 TMPM38 TMPM39
  • TLE9861 TLE9867 TLE9868 TLE9869 TLE9871 TLE9877 TLE9879 TLE9879QX
  • MB9AF102 MB9BF102 MB9AF104 MB9BF104 MB9BF304 MB9BF404 MB9BF504 MB9AF105 MB9BF105
  • MB9AF131 MB9AF132 MB9AF132 MB9BF112 MB9BF312 MB9BF412 MB9BF512 MB9BF114 MB9BF314
  • MB9AF314 MB9AF115 MB9AF315 MB9AF116 MB9AF316 MB9BF116 MB9BF216 MB9BF316 MB9BF416
  • MB9AF342 MB9AFA42 MB9AFB42 MB9AF144 MB9AF344 MB9AFA44 MB9AFB44 MB9AF131
  • MB9BF156 MB9BF121 MB9BF321 MB9BF521 MB9BF122 MB9BF322 MB9BF522 MB9BF124 MB9BF324
  • MB9BF305 MB9BF405 MB9BF405 MB9BF505 MB9BF505 MB9BF106 MB9BF106 MB9BF306 MB9BF306
  • MB9BF406 MB9BF406 MB9BF506 MB9BF506 MB9AF111 MB9AF311 MB9AF112 MB9AF312 MB9AF114
  • MB9BF414 MB9BF514 MB9BF115 MB9BF315 MB9BF415 MB9BF515 MB9BF116 MB9BF316 MB9BF416
  • MB9BF516 MB9AF111 MB9AF311 MB9AF112 MB9AF312 MB9AF141 MB9AF341 MB9AFA41 MB9AFB41 MB9AF142
  • MB9BF516 MB9BF616 MB9BFD16 MB9BF117 MB9BF217 MB9BF317 MB9BF417 MB9BF517 MB9BF617
  • MB9BF524 MB9BF121 MB9AF421 MB9BF128 MB9BF328 MB9BF428 MB9BF528 MB9BF129 MB9BF329 MB9BF429 MB9BF529
  • MB9BFD17 MB9BF118 MB9BF218 MB9BF318 MB9BF418 MB9BF518 MB9BF618 MB9BFD18 MB9AF131

Cortex-M3 Debug, Trace and Test Features supported by UDE

UDE - Universal Debug Engine with SWD, SWV, ITM support - Cortex Debugger and Emulator for Cortex-M3

UDE - Universal Debug Engine - is a flexible debug and emulator platform with Multicore debugging for Cortex-M3.