STMicroelectronics Power Architecture® SPC56x Microcontrollers

Microcontroller Debugger solutions for STMicroelectronics SPC56x

Designed specifically to address high-end embedded applications, the STMicroelectronics PowerPC and STMicroelectronics Power Architecture provides a high-performance, low power solution that interfaces to a wide range of peripherals by incorporating on-chip power management.

Power Architecture™ Cores supported by UDE

  • e200z0, e200z2, e200z3, e200z4, e200z6, e200z7 Core
  • PowerPC Book E architecture

STMicroelectronics SPC56x Microcontrollers supported by UDE

  • SPC560B40 SPC560B44 SPC560B50 SPC560B54 SPC560B60 SPC560B64 SPC560C40 SPC560C44 SPC560C50
  • SPC560D30 SPC560D40 SPC560P34 SPC560P40 SPC560P42 SPC560P44 SPC560P50 SPC560P54 SPC560P60
  • SPC564A70 SPC564A74 SPC564A80 SPC564B64 SPC564B70 SPC564B74 SPC56EC64 SPC56EC70 SPC56EC74
  • SPC564L54 SPC564L60 SPC564L64 SPC564L70
  • SPC56AP54 SPC56AP60 SPCSPC560S50 SPC560S54 SPC560S60 SPC563M60 SPC563M54P SPC563M60P SPC563M64
  • SPC56EL54 SPC56EL60 SPC56EL64 SPC56EL70 SPC56HK70 (LockStep/Dual processor Mode)

STMicroelectronics SPC56x Debug, Trace and Test Features supported by UDE

UDE - Universal Debug Engine with eTPU, VLE, Nexus support - Power Architecture™ and PowerPC® - Debugger and Emulator

UDE - Universal Debug Engine - is a flexible debug and emulator platform with Multicore debugging for NXP Power Architecture™ and NXP PowerPC®.