Training and Consulting

One-Day Crash Courses

The most efficient use of modern test tools is a basic requirement for module and system tests.

MicroConsult is the authorized training partner of PLS and offers a one-day training with extensive practical exercises that describes the complete functionality of UDE. MicroConsult contributes to your project success

For the TriCore, PowerArchitecture, Arm, Cortex, XScale, SH-2A device families, the Universal Debug Engine provides a modern, configurable and expandable graphic user interface for multicore debugging.

MicroConsult One-Day Crash Course: Debuggen mit der Universal Debug Engine UDE

Infineon has launched an on-chip solution (MCDS) for debugging, tracing and calibrating complex 32 bit microcontrollers based on specific emulation devices (emulator on silicon, e.g. TC1766ED, TC1796Ed, TC1767ED, TC1797ED). The related one-day training from MicroConsult highlights the applications and efficient use of them Multicore Debug Solution MCDS with the Universal Emulation Configurator UEC. MicroConsult is also available for on-site training on UDE/UEC that is specifically tailored to your requirements.

MicroConsult One-Day Crash Course: Multicore Debug Solution MCDS und PLS Universal Emulation Configurator