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UDE Microcontroller Debugger for AURIX 2nd Generation, AURIX, TriCore, Power Architecture, Cortex, S32V234, ARM, RH850, SH-2A, XE166, XC2000, XScale, C166, ST10, STM32, S32

With  Universal Debug Engine (UDE®) PLS offers on top solutions for software development of systems-on-silicon including debug support for the 16-/32-bit and 64-bit microcontrollers AURIX™ 2nd Generation TC3xx, AURIX™ TC2xx and TriCore™ AUDO from Infineon, Power Architecture® MPC56, MPC57, MPC57, MPC58, S32V234 from NXP™, S32R from NXP™, PowerPC PPC440SPe from AMCC, Power Architecture® SPC56, SP57, SPC58 from STMicroelectronics, ARM7™, ARM9™, ARM11™, Cortex-M0™, Cortex-M0+™, Cortex-M3™, Cortex-M4™, Cortex-M7™, Cortex-R4™, Cortex-A8™, Cortex-A9™, Cortex-A53™, XScale™, SuperH™ SH-2A, RH850, C16x, C166™, S32, S32K, STM32, Kinetis, ST10F276, ST10F280, XC166, XC2000, XE166, XMC4500, C166S V2 derivatives in a new multi-core debug environment as well as technical support. The extensive feature list includes functions like: high speed and flexible target access via JTAG, cJTAG with OCDS L1, EmbeddedICE, OnCE, COP, DAP, DAP2, SWD support, OCDS L2 trace, MCDS trace, CoreSight™ trace, ETM trace, ETB trace, Nexus trace, ASC, SSC, 3Pin and CAN, In-system  FLASH memory programming of FLASH / OTP with UDE MemTool,  Code Coverage,  Profiling, support of various RTOS, OSEK® and test automation tools.

Newest TriCore™ derivatives AURIX™ 2nd Generation TC39x, AURIX™ TC23x, TC26x, TC27x, TC29xED, TC1798, various Power Architecture® / PowerPC™ derivatives as MPC57, MPC58, S32R, furthermore the XC2000, XE166, XMC4500 from Infineon, the Cortex™-M0, Cortex™-M0+, Cortex™-M3, Cortex™-M4, Cortex™-M7, Cortex™-R4, Cortex™-A8, Cortex™-A9, i.MX25, i.MX31, STM32, S32V234, S32K, Kinetis derivatives and SuperH™ SH-2A are supported ! ... read more

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