TriCore™ AUDO TC1767ED, TC1797ED, TC1798 Microcontrollers from Infineon

Microcontroller Debugger solutions for TriCore™ AUDO TC1767ED, TC1797ED, TC1798 from Infineon

Infineon TriCore™ is the first singlecore 32-bit microcontroller-DSP architecture optimized for real-time embedded systems, made by Infineon. TriCore unifies the best of three worlds — real-time capabilities of microcontrollers, the computational prowess of DSPs, and the highest performance/price implementations of RISC load-store architectures.

The architecture supports a uniform, 32-bit address space, with memory-mapped I/O. It allows for a wide range of implementations, ranging from simple scalar to superscalar. Furthermore, the ISA is capable of interacting with different system architectures, including those with multiprocessing.

To support Infineon TriCore implementations with 32-bit instructions and simplified instruction fetching, the entire TriCore architecture is represented in 32 Bit instruction formats. In addition, the architecture includes 16-bit instruction formats for the most frequently occurring instructions. These instructions significantly reduce code space, lowering memory requirements, system cost, and power consump-tion. Real-time responsiveness is largely determined by interrupt latency and context-switch time. The high-performance architecture minimizes interrupt latency by avoiding long multicycle instructions and by providing a flexible hardware-supported interrupt scheme. Furthermore, the architecture supports fast context switching.

  • 32-bit architecture
  • 4 GByte unified data, program, and input/output address space
  • 16/32 Bit instructions for reduced code size
  • Low interrupt latency
  • Fast automatic context switching
  • Multiply-accumulate unit
  • Saturating integer arithmetic
  • Bit handling
  • Packed data operations
  • Zero-overhead loop
  • Flexible power management
  • Byte and bit addressing
  • Little-endian byte ordering
  • Support for big- and little-endian byte ordering at bus interface
  • Precise exceptions
  • Flexible interrupt prioritization scheme

Supported TriCore™ Cores

  • TriCore™ 1
  • TriCore™ 1.3
  • TriCore™ 1.3.1

Supported Microcontroller's

  • TC1100
  • TC1115
  • TC1130
  • TC1910
  • TC1920
  • TC1724ED
  • TC1728ED
  • TC1766ED
  • TC1767ED
  • TC1782ED
  • TC1784ED
  • TC1793ED
  • TC1796ED
  • TC1797ED
  • TC1798ED
  • TC1167
  • TC1197
  • TC1737
  • TC1767
  • TC1797
  • TC1724
  • TC1728
  • TC1782
  • TC1784
  • TC1791
  • TC1793
  • TC1798
  • TC1762
  • TC1764
  • TC1766
  • TC1792
  • TC1796
  • TC1737
  • TC1767
  • TC1387


UDE - Universal Debug Engine with MCDS, OCDS, DAP Support - Debugger and Emulator for TriCore

UDE - Universal Debug Engine - is a flexible debug and emulator platform with Multicore debugging for Infineon TriCore AUDO.

Ordering code

UDE-LIC-TC / <Selected Access Device>