Monitor Development Kit for Microcontrollers (ASC and CAN debugger)

The basic package includes target monitors for a number of evaluation boards, a generic bootstrap loader ASC and bootstrap loader CAN monitor. It is used for UDE ASC debugger and UDE CAN debugger.

The Monitor Development Kit UDE-Mon provides a portable monitor development solution for the Universal Debug Engine (UDE), that allows creating application hardware specific monitors for C16x, XC16x, ST10 based target systems (ASC and CAN debugger). Beside the ASC0 and CAN, a number of additional serial interfaces are supported to achieve maximum flexibility in adapting the microcontroller hardware.

For TriCore we offer customized monitor solutions.

Resources required by the monitor

  • 18 kByte ROM, 400 Bytes of RAM
  • up to 16 CSA areas
  • IOPC Trap (Class 2)
  • communication channel interrupt
  • optional one timer (for execution time measurement)
  • when using CAN Monitor: 2 message objects, group of 4 identifiers
  • for GNU (HighTec) and Tasking compilers.

Ordering code

UDE-LIC-TC-Monitor / <Selected Access Device>

The portable monitor toolkit is available for the Tasking and KEIL compilers

Resources required by the monitor

  • 3...4 kByte ROM, 100 Bytes of RAM
  • Trap Number 0x7E
  • communication channel interrupt
  • optional one timer (for execution time measurement)
  • when using CAN Monitor: 2 message objects, group of 4 identifiers
  • when using 3Pin-Interface Monitor: 3 available port pins.

Ordering code

UDE-LIC-C166-Monitor / <Selected Access Device>
  • The content depends from the supported derivative. In generally the source code for various communication paths between target and host PC is available:
    1. Asynchronous serial interface via ASC0/ASC1 (ASC debugger)
    2. Asynchronous serial interface with ASC bootstrap loader support via ASC0/ASC1 (ASC debugger)
    3. Synchronous serial interface via SSC
    4. 3Pin serial interface (emulated Software SSC)
    5. CAN serial interface. The CAN interface may be shared with the application (CAN debugger).
  • Monitor Main Code in multiple object files
  • Source examples for monitor reset code
  • Manual
  • Software is for free use in customer applications (no royalties), but not for resale as a development tool
  • For your convenience, the first monitor adaptation to your target system is FREE of charge.

Any order must include the Monitor Configuration Form (available from PLS or distributors). The specific demands of the customer will be accepted by acknowledgement of the order.

The monitor software package is available in three variants

  • Basic UDE-Mon/B: Monitor software including one fully configured adaptation depending on the customer requirements. Support during start-up of the customized monitor via telephone or e-mail. Additional customer specific configurations may be generated by the user. Configuration services by PLS available upon request.
  • Basic UDE-Mon/AC: Additionally to Basic: One additional customized adaptation.
  • Source UDE-Mon/LII: Additionally to Basic: All sources for target routines including source updates via Internet and customized adaptations for one year.
  • ASC bootstrap loader + ASC / SSC / CAN / 3Pin combines availability of special interfaces with the convenience of ROMless debug target systems (ASC debugger and CAN debugger)
  • Service Monitors for all interfaces available for integrating into the product. Especially useful for on-site control and parametering the application.

* The TriCore monitor solution is available for several TriCore derivative. Please ask for your monitor solution.

Supported Architectures with Universal Debug Engine (UDE Debugger)