TriCore™ AURIX™ TC21, TC22, TC23, TC24, TC26, TC27, TC29 Microcontrollers from Infineon

UDE Microcontroller Debugger solutions for TriCore™ AURIX™ TC21, TC22, TC23, TC24, TC26, TC27, TC29 from Infineon

Infineon AURIX™ is an enormous increase in performance. With Infineon's new 32-bit multi-core architecture Infineon AURIX™ (AUtomotive Realtime Integrated neXt generation architecture), an extremely high-performance microcontroller (MCU) platform meets the requirements for powertrain and safety applications of the automotive industry.

TriCore™ Cores supported by UDE Debugger

  • TriCore™ 1.6 (P,E)
  • TriCore™ 1.6.1

TriCore AURIX Microcontrollers supported by UDE Debugger

  • TC21 TC212 TC213 TC214 TC22 TC222 TC223 TC224 TC23 TC233 TC234 TC237 TC24 TC26
  • TC264 TC265 TC267 TC27 TC275 TC277 TC29 TC297 TC298 TC299
  • TC23xED TC24xED TC26xED TC275ED TC29xED

Supported TriCore AURIX Debug, Trace and Test Features with Universal Debug Engine (UDE Debugger)

UDE - Universal Debug Engine with MCDS, Aurora Gigabit Trace, OCDS, DAP, DAP2 Support - Debugger and Emulator for Infineon Multi-core TriCore AURIX (MCA)

UDE - Universal Debug Engine - is a flexible debug and emulator platform with Multi-core debugging for Infineon TriCore 2 AURIX (MCA).

Ordering code

UDE-LIC-TC-MCA / <Selected Access device>