JTAG / MiniDAP / cJTAG / MiniJTAG / ETKS support

The access devices UAD2+, UAD2pro, UAD2next and UAD3+ can be equipped with the adapting solution to build a customer-defined JTAG-communication connection with JTAG, MiniDAP/cJTAG or MiniJTAG boards directly or via the ETKS20 / ETKS21 / ETKS4.1 solution. The adapter delivery package contains an adapter including a 10” 10-pin cable (MiniDAP/cJTAG), a 10“ 10-pin high density flat ribbon cable (MiniJTAG) and a 10“ 16-pin high density flat ribbon cable (ETKS20 / ETKS21 / ETKS4.1).

  • I/O voltage range: 1,6 - 5,5 Volts
  • Minimum current consumption from target < 10 mA
  • Cable length of 10” ( 25 cm )
  • Deliverable for UAD2+, UAD2pro and UAD3+
  • Designed to use the recommended connector on the board with keying shroud.

High-speed downloading is achieved by the communication devices UAD2+, UAD2pro, UAD2next and UAD3+, the hardware add-ons of the Universal Debug Engine.

  • Transfer rate up to 3,5 MByte/s
  • 10-pin MiniDAP, cJTAG, JTAG TFM-105 (Samtec) connector supported
  • 10-pin (12-pin on request) MiniJTAG connector supported
  • 16-pin JTAG ETKS20 / ETKS21 / ETKS4.1 connector supported
  • Inverse-polarity protection for all interface connectors.