Aurora Gigabit Trace (AGBT) support

In depth real-time debugging requires close interaction with the processor. Tracing shall provide a chronological picture of a system's inner workings - before or after a critical event - mainly to help analyzing a faulty program.

Instruction Trace - MCDS and Aurora Gigabit

For the first time, an Aurora GigaBit Trace (AGBT) interface was also implemented on the Emulation Device of the TC27xED AURIX. Emulation Devices of Power Architecture derivatives as MPC57xx, SPC57xx, SPC58xx support the AURORA interface, too. This enables a significant enlargement of the trace memory by connecting external hardware and thus high-end trace tasks with large amounts of data, for example code coverage. However, a 2.5 Gbit/s Aurora interface requires a correspondingly high-performance hardware for signal acquisition, signal conditioning and pre-processing on the target. A corresponding Trace-Pod with AGBT interface is already available for the UAD3+ from PLS. The up to 4 GByte of external trace memory of the UAD3+ are sufficient for support of even the most demanding measurement tasks.

For program trace, data trace and even bus trace, Infineon again relies on the proven concept of the Emulation Devices (ED) with integrated  Multicore Debug Solution (MCDS). The Emulation Devices are pin-compatible with the production chip, but contain a sophisticated observation and trigger logic as well as currently up to 2 MByte of emulation memory. A whole series of enhancements were also made here for the Aurix family. For example, two CPUs, two further units connected on the crossbar as well as the System Peripheral Bus (SPB) in the trace stream can be monitored in parallel. Programming of the Emulation Device logic can be comfortably carried out with the Universal Emulation Configurator (UEC) from PLS, because this offers a graphical configuration of measurement tasks based on the concept of signals/actions linked via a state machine.

The Universal Access Device 3+ allows the recording of real-time trace information up to 3.125 Gbit/s in serial trace.

  • Aurora trace connector (up to 4 lanes)
    • Samtec ERF8 HS22 ASP-137969-01
    • Samtec ERF8 HS34 ASP-137973-01
    • Additional custommer specific trace connectors
  • Trace memory up to 4 GByte available
  • Time-endless trace for a continuous tracing and observation
  • Variable time stamps possible, inserted by the trace board frontend
  • Separate Trace pod is connected to the UAD3+ by a Gigabit serial multi-lane cable up to 5 meters long (0.5m, 1m - default, 2m and 5m)
  • External Trigger Pins.