UDE 2023.03 Released

The version 2023.03 of the Universal Debug Engine UDE is released. Update your current UDE version to take advantage of the new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

More about the major version UDE 2023 can be found in the release announcement.

New Devices Supported

  • Infineon TLE988x / TLE989x
  • NXP KW45
  • Support for Infineon TC4x and SCR extended

New Features and Improvements

  • Trace for TRAVEO T2G: Support for ETM and ITM trace with ETB and TPIU for Cortex M4 cores.
  • AURIX trace: 'True (Always)' condition introduced in trace configuration libraries. Conditional action blocks can now be configured to behave like an Emit Actions block.
  • AURIX TC4x Flash programming: UCB handling improved and extended.
  • Execution Sequence Chart provides "Show code" function again
  • Watch window: Handling of very large arrays improved.
  • ETMv4 trace: Improved display of correlated data packages.
  • Debugging over XCP for AURIX with improved DAP communication.
  • VC runtime package updated to 14.36.32532.

Where to Download?

After your login visit Service/Downloads and select the category 'UDE Software' or use the following link: