UDE 2021 Ready for Download

May 6, 2021

UDE 2021, the new major version of the Universal Debug Engine® UDE is now available for download.


  • New intuitive user interface
  • Improved support for multi-screen operation
  • User interface with »Perspectives« feature
  • New Code Coverage analysis
  • Extended RTOS support
  • Integrated Python console
  • 64-bit code base

New Features and Improvements

UDE 2021 comes with a lot of minor and major feature updates and improvements:

New Controllers

  • NXP S32G, S32S, i.MX-RT
  • Infineon AURIX TC4xx virtual prototype, TC32x
  • Synopsys ARCv2 architecture with EMx and EV6x/EV7x
  • RISC-V

New Features and Improvements

  • New window layout framework allows to customize the tool to your needs.
  • Individual windows or groups of windows can be moved to secondary screens.
  • Freely customizable »Perspectives« help to focus on specific debug task.
  • Integrated Python Console to automate of interactive debugger sessions.
  • New code coverage analysis. Easy-to-use and with more compact presentation of results.
  • Extended RTOS support for SAFERTOS, FreeRTOS, PXROS-HR, µC/OS. Task trace for specific devices.
  • Export of AURIX GTM TIM/TOM/ATOM signal trace to VCD.
  • New UDE MemTool option enables target reset after FLASH programming.
  • Support for Greenhills RH850 compiler.
  • UEC (graphical trace configuration) for ST Stellar.
  • Export of Min/Max values from Watch Window.
  • UDE Eclipse plug-in supports latest 64-bit Eclipse.

Where to Download?

After your login visit Service/Downloads and select the category 'UDE Software' or use the following link: