Embedded DevCon 2019

June 2019 in Bengaluru and June 2019 in Pune | India

Embedded DevCon was a unique initiative by our Indian partner Menlopark Technologies, aimed at helping the software developers, embedded system designers and professionals in the embedded industry. It was a 2-day conference consisting of purely technical lectures, product demonstration, and networking with experts from global industry. Highly placed industry experts and experienced professionals were spoken at the conference, discussing various technical aspects and present the future of the industry.

PLS presented Multicore Debugging and Trace with Universal Debug Engine® (UDE) - an introduction to the debug and trace functions of PLS’ Universal Debug Engine (UDE) for multi-core systems. The first part shows the key features for multi-core debugging: synchronized run-control, multi-core breakpoints, and handling of multi-core applications within the UDE debugger framework. The second part will outline UDE’s trace features for run-time measurement and system-level analysis.