NXP Technology Days 2023

The NXP Technology Days global training program offers engineers step-by-step instruction, in-depth lectures, and hands-on workshops led by experts addressing topics across automotive, mobile, smart home, and enabling technologies.

PLS' highlights at the show

Don't miss our demo: Multicore debug and trace solution for S32-based automotive applications with S32G3, S32G2, S32Z, S32E

  • Real Multicore Debugging
  • Synchronous Break, Single Step and Restart for all cores
  • One Common Debug Session
  • Complete Support of Arm® CoreSight™ Debug and Trace
  • On-Chip Interconnect Trace for Analyzing Data Transfers
  • Programming Support for OctalSPI Flash, eMMC, OCOTP
  • Debug and test automation using Python and other scripting languages

NXP Tech Days Irvine

August 29, Irvine, California, USA

NXP Tech Days Detroit

November 7-8, Detroit, MI, USA

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