UDE 3.3 now also available for Freescale MPC57xx and STMicroelectronics SPC57x families of MCUs

Lauta (Germany) – April 17, 2012 – As a result of the early and close cooperation with Freescale and STMicroelectronics, PLS Programmierbare Logik & Systeme, as authorized tool partner, now offers Version 3.3 of its Universal Debug Engine (UDE). The UDE 3.3 is a sophisticated and proven test and debug solution for the new Freescale MPC57xx family of Qorivva automotive multicore microcontrollers (MCUs) and the STMicroelectronics SPC57x family MCUs.

UDE MPC57xx / SPC57xx Support
Photo: Sean Gladwell
The UDE 3.3, which is not only suitable for the development and test phases but also for future field maintenance work, allows users, among other things, management and control of the three integrated Power Architecture e200 cores within one user interface. Individual cores or the entire device can be selected as debug target. This is supported by a flexible multicore program loader that enables the loading of program code and data as well as symbol information separately for each core.

Management of the cores is carried out by a multicore run control manager, which permits a definition of core groups. Therefore, a very flexible control of the run-time behavior of the complex architecture at C/C++ level is possible.

If required, programs for the additionally integrated security core can also be developed with the UDE 3.3. This enables users to maintain the system integrity and by means of its flexibility is also equipped to meet future requirements.

In addition, the PLS Universal Access Device 3+ (UAD3+), an external trace hardware with up to 4 GB of memory, is available to users for complex development tasks. Apart from troubleshooting, the UAD3+ particularly serves the profiling and code coverage for system optimization and software certification.