Review: embedded world 2016

Review: February 2016, Nuremberg, Germany

PLS Development Tools showed the new version 4.6 of its innovative, powerful and flexible Universal Debug Engine (UDE) at the Embedded World 2016. Once again, UDE sets new standards in the areas of trace functions, multicore debugging and test automation.

  • TriCore Development Platform – Complete Eclipse based development platform for all TriCore derivatives AUDO-Future, AUDO-MAX and AURIX devices (TC29x, TC27x, TC26x, TC23x)
  • PowerArchitecture Development Platform – Complete Eclipse based development platform for MPC57xx/MPC56xx microcontrollers from NXP and the SPC5 family from STM including SPC58 series.
  • Hardware Security Modul (HSM) and Generic Timer Modul (GTM) support
  • True Multicore Debugger - Sophisticated run control and debugging within one consistent user interface
  • Universal Trace Framework (UTF) with persistent trace streams for a later analysis of captured and saved trace data
  • Powerful Trace Functions - AURORA trace pod for UAD3+ supporting up to 4 lanes a 3,25 GBit/s, Universal Emulation Configurator (UEC) for AURIX/TriCore, SPC57/SPC58, MPC57xx and XC2000 emulation devices for graphical definition of trace task for on-chip units, Parallel trace (CoreSight, Nexus) with Universal Access Device 3+ (UAD3+)
  • System Level Debugging – Profiling and Code coverage functions.