Review: Automotive Software Kongress 2016

September 2016, Hochschule Landshut, Germany

PLS was exhibitor at the  Automotive Software Kongress 2016. Visitors of the event could learn how PLS' Universal Debug Engine (UDE) can help to improve the test, debugging and analysis of embedded automotive application. Those were the highlights of PLS' presentation:

  • AURIX Multicore Development Platform
    Freescale's latest Qorivva automotive SoCs

    Complete debugging, trace and test environment for AURIX/TriCore applications.
  • Power Architecture Multicore Development Platform
    Complete debugging, trace and test environment for latest MPC5xxx microcontrollers from NXP and STMicroelectronics' SPC5xx family.
  • Statement and Branch Coverage
    Trace based code coverage even for optimized code in order to fulfil requirements of ISO 26262 and other standards.
  • Support for On-Chip emulators
    Universal Emulation Configurator (UEC) for sophisticated on-chip trace solutions of AURIX/TriCore and PowerArchitecture devices.