PikeTecs TPT test software and PLS' UDE now permit model-based tests directly on the target platform

Lauta (Germany) – March 10, 2014 – Tests directly on the target hardware with PikeTec's TPT model-based software tool are now possible as a result of coupling with the PLS (Programmierbare Logik & Systeme) Universal Debug Engine (UDE). The UDE provides the necessary functionality such as connection to the target system, FLASH programming, process control and reading and writing programme data etc. via the standard Component Object Model (COM) interface.

PikeTecs TPT test software and PLS' UDE
PikeTecs TPT test software and PLS' UDE now permit model-based tests directly on the target platform
TPT (Time Partition Testing) is an especially efficient method for automated software testing or software verification of embedded control systems. TPT supports all important areas of the test process such as test management, test case modelling, test performance, test analysis and test documentation. With the help of the UDE the user can run the tests now modelled and managed by the TPT "Processor-in-the-Loop" (PiL) in real time on the actual target software, for example a control device, for the first time. Since analysis and documentation also take place within the TPT, it can be used continuously for all test phases without limitations.

"PLS' Universal Debug Engine not only guarantees quick and flexible access to the target. The COM object model provided by the UDE also permits effective use of all debug functions necessary for successful test performance. Which means now we can offer immediately our customers an integrated solution for direct PiL testing on deeply embedded systems, for example in the field of engine control", explains Dr. Jens Lüdemann, general manager of PikeTec.

Thomas Bauch, general manager of PLS, adds: "The collaboration with PikeTec shows once again how simply and efficiently our COM object model-based Universal Debug Engine can be coupled with other tools. That the debug interface, which was originally provided for development purposes, can in future also be used by the TPT software tool for direct tests on the target hardware is certainly an important milestone with regard to software quality assurance and software certification to ISO standard 26262."

PikeTec GmbH

Berlin-based PikeTec was founded in 2006. PikeTec specialises in software testing and in particular the testing and verification of automotive control software. PikeTec develops the TPT test tool which can be used for systematic testing in all development stages from MiL, SiL, PiL and HiL to the finished vehicle. Further information on PikeTec is available at  www.piketec.com