NXP Tech Day 2018

October 16-17, 2018 Detroit (MI)

 NXP Tech Days are produced as a concentrated, deep dive into technical training that targets skills development for engineers across a broad range of embedded technology solutions. In addition, to live demonstrations, the event offers workshops and lectures over multiple markets allowing attendees to customize a schedule that is most relevant to their training needs.

PLS Development Tools will be part of that event and show its latest solutions for debugging, test and trace of NXP's embedded platforms and microcontrollers:

  • Debugging and test for ARM Cortex-M/A/R including S32V, S32K, Kinetis, etc.
  • Debugging and test for Power Architecture processors including MPC57xx, MPC56xx, MPC55xx
  • True Multicore Debugger - Sophisticated run control and debugging within one consistent user interface
  • High-end trace solutions for ARM CoreSight and NEXUS
  • Comprehensive trace analysis with improved visualization features and handling of large amounts of captured trace data
  • System Level Debugging – profiling and code coverage functions