June 13-14, 2018 Santa Clara (CA) & October 16-17, 2018 Detroit (MI)

 NXP CONNECTS combines a wide range of technical sessions, live-demonstrations, panel discussions and networking.

PLS Development Tools will be part of that event and show its latest solutions for debugging, test and trace of NXP's embedded platforms and microcontrollers:

  • Debugging and test for ARM Cortex-M/A/R including S32V, S32K, Kinetis, etc.
  • Debugging and test for Power Architecture processors including MPC57xx, MPC56xx, MPC55xx
  • True Multicore Debugger - Sophisticated run control and debugging within one consistent user interface
  • High-end trace solutions for ARM CoreSight and NEXUS
  • Comprehensive trace analysis with improved visualization features and handling of large amounts of captured trace data
  • System Level Debugging – profiling and code coverage functions