Webinar series covering special aspects of debugging


Together with our partner Hitex we continued our webinar series with three new webinars, covering special aspects of debugging with UDE.

If you missed the webinars or if you want to watch it again, below you will find the recordings.

Multicore Debugging with UDE

In this webinar, we showed the basics of multicore debugging with UDE. Starting from creation a multicore debug session from scratch we gave an introduction to the UDE user interface and the specific multicore features. The webinar addressed also the new features of UDE 2021 that help to keep an even better overview. Using simple examples, we showed how to use typical debug functions to debug a multicore application.

RTOS aware debugging with UDE

The software architecture of embedded systems is often based on a real-time operating system (RTOS). Its objects and functions add a higher level of abstraction to the embedded software, which of course also affects the debugging. The webinar about RTOS aware debugging gave an introduction into the RTOS awareness of UDE. A demo showed how to debug an application that is under control of a RTOS.

How to use Python for debug automation with UDE

This webinar covered the powerful scripting capabilities of UDE. Using the popular Python scripting language along with UDE's flexible and feature-rich software API, we showed how to control the target system, determine the target state, and finally manipulate it - all for automated testing.