C166CBC C161U, SDA6000 * Microcontrollers from Infineon

Microcontroller Debugger solutions for C166CBC C161U, SDA6000 * from Infineon

The C161U is a low-cost, high-performance, general-purpose 16-bit microcontroller that includes USB device interface at full speed of 12 Mbits. The device combines the successful Infineon C166 16-bit static core technology and offers many on-chip peripheral functions such as USART, 5 timers, Watchdog timer, 8 DMA channels, 8 software configurable bi-directional USB end-points, and a high number of programmable I/Os. C161U's high performance, low cost, and rich peripheral functions provide users the maximum flexibility and performance to implement additional value-added software for product differentiation.

The C165H device combines the successful Infineon C166 16 Bit full static core with four independent HDLC controllers, IOM-2 interface and 3 kBytes of on-chip Dual-Port RAM. The C165H addresses all embedded HDLC features in ISDN-TA, Intelligent-NT and low cost SOHO-PBX designs offering up to 18 MIPS along with legacy peripherals, such as USART, SSC/SCI and Timers. The C165H device core has a built-in DMA, which provides maximum flexibility and performance. Off-loading the CPU in such a manner allows the user to implement value add software features enabling product differentiation.

The SDA 6000/6001 integrates a high-speed 16-bit C166 microcontroller with digital signal processing for VBI data acquisition and the most flexible display controller ever seen since Megatext. The SDA 6000/6001 is the cost-effective solution for consumer products that require flexible pixel graphics for the optimum user interface:

  • Television sets with Teletext up to Level 2.5, Electronic Program Guides (NexTView and others), HTML-, GIF-, and JPEG-based applications
  • Telecommunication devices with gray-scale or color pixel displays
  • Display-oriented consumer info-devices

The high flexibility of this architecture allows to serve the diverse and varying needs of different application areas such as automotive, industrial control, or data communications.

  • 55 ns Instruction Cycle Time at 36 MHz CPU Clock (Single-Cycle Execution)
  • 1-Cycle Multiplication (16 x 16-bit), Background Division (32-/16-bit) in 21 Cycles
  • 1-Cycle Multiply-and-Accumulate (MAC) Instructions
  • Enhanced Boolean Bit Manipulation Facilities
  • Zero-Cycle Jump Execution
  • Additional Instructions to Support HLL and Operating Systems
  • Register-Based Design with Multiple Variable Register Banks
  • Fast Context Switching Support with Two Additional Local Register Banks
  • 2 MBytes Total Linear Address Space for Code and Data
  • 1024 Bytes On-Chip Special Function Register Area (C166 Family Compatible)
  • 3072 Bytes On-Chip Dual-Port SRAM for User Applications
  • Clock Generation via on-chip PLL (factors 1:0.15 ~ 1:10), or via Prescaler (factors 1:1 ~ 60:1)
  • Low-Power Management Supporting Idle-, Power-Down- and Sleep-Mode and additional CPU clock slow-down mode with mode control for each peripheral
  • Powerful 16-bit microcontroller core (compatible to C166 family) running at 33 MHz
  • Peripherals similar to SAB C161RI (WDT, RTC etc.)
  • External Memory Interface supporting PC100-type SDRAM (16, 64, or 128 Mbit), EPROM and/or Flash with up to three devices in parallel
  • New digital slicer with four different programmable data services per VBI field
  • 2D graphic accelerator with DMA facility and hardware support for fast character-drawing
  • Fully flexible screen refresh unit supporting all display modes from 40x25 characters at 50 Hz up to SVGA 800 x 600 pixels in 64 k colors at 75 Hz progressive scan
  • Triple 5/6/5 Bit RGB DAC with pixel clock up to 50 MHz for analog RGB output
  • Internal bus/arbitration and buffer system with optimized priorities for maximum throughput and minimum latency of memory access

Supported Microcontroller's

  • C161U
  • C165H
  • C165UTAH
  • SDA6000
  • SDA6001


UDE - Universal Debug Engine - Debugger and Emulator for C166CBC and SDA6000 *

UDE - Universal Debug Engine - is a flexible debug platform for C166CBC and SDA6000 *.

Ordering code

UDE-LIC-C166CBC / <Selected Access Device>

* C16x-related products and services are provided only to existing customers with existing projects. C16x support is not available for new projects.