C166CBC C161U, SDA6000 Microcontrollers from Infineon

Microcontroller Debugger solutions for C166CBC C161U, SDA6000 from Infineon

The C161U is a low-cost, high-performance, general-purpose 16 Bit microcontroller that includes USB device interface at full speed of 12 Mbits. The device combines the successful Infineon C166 16 Bit static core technology and offers many on-chip peripheral functions such as USART, 5 timers, Watchdog timer, 8 DMA channels, 8 software configurable bi-directional USB end-points, and a high number of programmable I/Os. C161U's high performance, low cost, and rich peripheral functions provide users the maximum flexibility and performance to implement additional value-added software for product differentiation.

The C165H device combines the successful Infineon C166 16 Bit full static core with four independent HDLC controllers, IOM-2 interface and 3kbyte of on-chip Dual-Port RAM. The C165H addresses all embedded HDLC features in ISDN-TA, Intelligent-NT and low cost SOHO-PBX designs offering up to 18 MIPS along with legacy peripherals, such as USART, SSC/SCI and Timers. The C165H device core has a built-in DMA, which provides maximum flexibility and performance. Off-loading the CPU in such a manner allows the user to implement value add software features enabling product differentiation.

The SDA 6000/6001 integrates a high-speed 16 Bit C166 microcontroller with digital signal processing for VBI data acquisition and the most flexible display controller ever seen since Megatext. The SDA 6000/6001 is the cost-effective solution for consumer products that require flexible pixel graphics for the optimum user interface:

  • Television sets with Teletext up to Level 2.5, Electronic Program Guides (NexTView and others), HTML-, GIF-, and JPEG-based applications
  • Telecommunication devices with gray-scale or color pixel displays
  • Display-oriented consumer info-devices

The high flexibility of this architecture allows to serve the diverse and varying needs of different application areas such as automotive, industrial control, or data communications.

  • 55 ns Instruction Cycle Time at 36 MHz CPU Clock (Single-Cycle Execution)
  • 1-Cycle Multiplication (16 x 16 bit), Background Division (32 / 16 bit) in 21 Cycles
  • 1-Cycle Multiply-and-Accumulate (MAC) Instructions
  • Enhanced Boolean Bit Manipulation Facilities
  • Zero-Cycle Jump Execution
  • Additional Instructions to Support HLL and Operating Systems
  • Register-Based Design with Multiple Variable Register Banks
  • Fast Context Switching Support with Two Additional Local Register Banks
  • 2MBytes Total Linear Address Space for Code and Data
  • 1024Bytes On-Chip Special Function Register Area (C166 Family Compatible)
  • 3072Bytes On-Chip Dual-Port SRAM for User Applications
  • Clock Generation via on-chip PLL (factors 1:0.15 ~ 1:10), or via Prescaler (factors 1:1 ~ 60:1)
  • Low-Power Management Supporting Idle-, Power-Down- and Sleep-Mode and additional CPU clock slow-down mode with mode control for each peripheral
  • Powerful 16 Bit microcontroller core (compatible to C166 family) running at 33 MHz
  • Peripherals similar to SAB C161RI (WDT, RTC etc.)
  • External Memory Interface supporting PC100-type SDRAM (16, 64, or 128 Mbit), EPROM and/or Flash with up to three devices in parallel
  • New digital slicer with four different programmable data services per VBI field
  • 2D graphic accelerator with DMA facility and hardware support for fast character-drawing
  • Fully flexible screen refresh unit supporting all display modes from 40x25 characters at 50 Hz up to SVGA 800 x 600 pixels in 64 k colors at 75 Hz progressive scan
  • Triple 5/6/5 Bit RGB DAC with pixel clock up to 50 MHz for analog RGB output
  • Internal bus/arbitration and buffer system with optimized priorities for maximum throughput and minimum latency of memory access

Supported Microcontroller's

  • C161U
  • C165H
  • C165UTAH
  • SDA6000
  • SDA6001


UDE - Universal Debug Engine - Debugger and Emulator for C166CBC and SDA6000

UDE - Universal Debug Engine - is a flexible debug platform for C166CBC and SDA6000.

Ordering code

UDE-LIC-C166CBC / <Selected Access Device>