C166™ C161, C165, C166, C167, C16x * Microcontrollers from Infineon

Microcontroller Debugger solutions for C166™ C161, C165, C166, C167, C16x * from Infineon

The architecture of the Infineon C161, C163, C164, C165, C166™, C167, C16x combines the advantages of both RISC and CISC processors in a very well-balanced way. The sum of the features that are combined result in a high-performance microcontroller, which is the right choice not only for today's applications but also for future engineering challenges. The C167CR not only integrates a powerful CPU core and a set of peripheral units into one chip but also connects the units in a very efficient way. One of the four buses used concurrently on the C167CR is the XBUS, an internal representation of the external bus interface. This bus provides a standardized method of integrating application-specific peripherals to produce derivatives of the standard C167.

* C16x/ST10 related products and services are available for existing projects only. Not for new projects.

  • 80 ns minimum instruction cycle time, with most instructions executed in 1 cycle
  • 400 ns multiplication (16-bit *16-bit), 800 ns division (32-bit/16-bit)
  • Multiple high-bandwidth internal data buses
  • Register based design with multiple variable register banks
  • Single cycle context switching support
  • 16 MBytes linear address space for code and data (von Neumann architecture)
  • System stack cache support with automatic stack overflow/underflow detection
  • Bit, byte, and word data types
  • Flexible and efficient addressing modes for high code density
  • Enhanced boolean bit manipulation with direct addressability of 6 kbits for peripheral control and user defined flags
  • Hardware traps to identify exception conditions during runtime
  • HLL support for semaphore operations and efficient data access
  • 2 kByte internal RAM for variables, register banks, system stack and code
  • 2 kByte on-chip high-speed XRAM for variables, user stack and code (not on all derivatives)
  • 128 kByte or 32 kByte on-chip Program Flash Memory (not for romless devices)
  • Multiplexed or demultiplexed bus configurations
  • Segmentation capability and chip select signal generation
  • 8-bit or 16-bit data bus
  • Bus cycle characteristics selectable for five programmable address areas
  • 56 interrupt nodes with separate interrupt vectors
  • 240/400 ns typical/maximum interrupt latency in case of internal program execution
  • Fast external interrupts

Supported Microcontroller's

  • 80C166
  • 83C166
  • 88C166
  • C161
  • C163
  • C164
  • C165UTAH
  • C165H
  • C167
  • Vecon


UDE - Universal Debug Engine - Debugger and Emulator for C166 and C16x *

UDE - Universal Debug Engine - is a flexible debug platform for Infieon C166 and C16x *.

Ordering code

UDE-LIC-C166/ST10 / <Selected Access Device>

* C16x-related products and services are provided only to existing customers with existing projects. C16x support is not available for new projects.